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Jeremy Farrell, B.A.


Jeremy earned a B.A. in Psychology from Southern Connecticut State
University. He has worked extensively with children with Autism and
other developmental disabilities and brings that experience to his
position as Western Connecticut Behavioral Health (WCBH). At WCBH he
does testing administration where he works with patients to make sure
they understand the psychological tests being administered and feel
comfortable while completing them. He also works with patients through
social skills groups where he helps children and adolescents work on
their social skills in an educational yet comfortable and personalized

Jill Delorme, Ph.D.

Dr. Jill DeLorme is a licensed psychologist who completed her training at the California School of Professional Psychology in San Diego. During her training, she worked with adolescents and adults in multiple treatment settings. Her background includes experience with addiction, trauma, sexual misconduct, violence prevention training for schools and the workplace, and the LGBT community. Dr. DeLorme is interested in both assessment and therapy. She offers a multidisciplinary approach geared towards the individual’s, or couple’s, needs and therapeutic goals. Her familiarity and use of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy aides in her ability to work with a range of populations with different psychological needs. In addition to her clinical work, Dr. DeLorme is a community and academic educator and has provided numerous lectures and presentations on her specialities.

Lindsay Underwood, M.A.

Lindsay is a 3rd year doctoral student at the University of Hartford. She earned a B.S. in Psychology from York College of Pennsylvania and an M.A. in Clinical Practices from the University of Hartford. Lindsay’s primary interests are in conducting psychological assessment, especially in the area of forensics. She has a focus on the utilization of protective measures in psychological assessments. Lindsay’s previous training experience includes providing individual and group therapy to college-age individuals from diverse backgrounds. Her experiences also include working with women in an inpatient substance abuse setting. During her training experiences, she has worked with a variety of clients, including those with a history of trauma, anxiety and depressive disorders, substance abuse, and personality disorders.

Clinical Evaluative Consultation

When separated parents cannot agree on the residential arrangement for their children between them or how conflicting decisions should be settled, many turn to the Court seeking an Order determining the residential arrangement and who would have decision making authority for what.

To guide the Court, many of these same parents would participate in a custody and access assessment. Therein a clinical investigator (typically a psychologist) would interview the parents, speak with and observe the children with the parents, obtain additional information from other sources and then write an extensive report concluding with recommendations on the matters of custody and access. Whereas some parents would settle their dispute on the basis of the recommendations, for others, the report and recommendations only serve to fuel their dispute in litigation.

A Clinical Evaluative Consultation (CEC) takes the process of a custody and access assessment, but keeps it out of a Court with the aim of facilitating settlement. Rather than concluding with a written report available for litigation, the CEC concludes with a verbal disclosure meeting and settlement meeting combined. It is attended by both parents and their lawyers. The entire process is closed, meaning nothing can be used for Court purposes. There will be no written report and the clinical investigator cannot be called to Court to testify in the event this matter proceeds to a trial.

The benefit of the closed process is that parents as well as the clinical investigator can speak very freely about the matters at hand without concern that it may be used against anyone at Court. The process allows the parents to obtain important and impartial information about themselves, their children and their situation so they the parents can retain control of the outcome – their settlement. The process provides the parents important insights as to how this matter would be viewed in a traditional custody/access assessment and likely outcomes if the matter were to proceed to Court.

Allison Sidel, Ph.D.

Director of Outpatient Therapy

Dr. Sidel is a licensed clinical psychologist who performs assessment and therapy with children and adults.  She has focused on neuropsychological and psychoeducational evaluations to help parents understand why their children may be struggling in school.  Her specialties include the assessment of learning and language disorders, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and other behavioral and emotional difficulties.  She has also worked with children on the autism spectrum to help gain a better understanding of their learning, language, social, and emotional needs. If your child has already been evaluated, but you are still unsure about how to proceed, Dr. Sidel can also review prior documents and help make sense of your child’s needs.


Dr. Sidel conducts psychotherapy with children and adults.  She has a background in child development and has worked with children of all ages.  She works from a play-based orientation with young children and integrates more cognitive-behavioral strategies and techniques with school-age and older children.  She adopts a creative, problem-solving approach that taps into a child’s strengths and interests in order to find the most appropriate strategies for that child.  Dr. Sidel worked for several years as a parent educator and sees the connection between a child’s therapist and parents/guardian as being essential in helping to transfer the skills and knowledge gained in therapy to everyday life.  When working with older adolescents and adults, Dr. Sidel’s theoretical foundation lies in psychodynamic psychotherapy, but she uses an eclectic mix of theories depending on the individual’s needs.

Dr. Sidel earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University and B.A. degrees in Child Development and Spanish from Tufts University.  She completed a post-doctoral residency at the Village for Families and Children in Hartford, where she worked with children and families in the foster care system.  Dr. Sidel also trained at New-York Presbyterian Hospital (Westchester Division), The Pleasantville Cottage School, and Jacobi Medical Center.  Dr. Sidel is licensed in Connecticut and New York State.

Dr. Sidel can be reached by phone at (203) 885-0500 or by email at

Joseph Caverly, Psy.D. ​

Dr. Caverly performs therapy with adolescents and adults. He specializes in the treatment of depression and anxiety. He believes in using a short-term treatment model of therapy. He and the patient work collaboratively to determine treatment goals and  frequently check-in to determine the appropriateness of different interventions. Dr. Caverly alsoprovides his patients with a toolbox of skills that can be applied to a variety of settings once treatment has concluded.

Dr. Caverly can be reached by calling (203) 885-0500 or by email

Jessica Biren Caverly, Ph.D.

Director of Forensic Services

Dr. Biren Caverly has an interest in both assessment and therapy. She has focused her work on cases actively involved with the legal system and in the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders. In terms of her legal work, Dr. Biren Caverly has significant experience conducting parental fitness evaluations for the Courts and custody evaluations for private parties. She also frequently works with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) to assist with performing psychological evaluations. Dr. Biren Caverly has been sworn in as an expert witness on a number of occasions. Her specialties have included being an expert in Clinical Psychological, Parenting Evaluations, Sibling Bonding Evaluations, Psychological Assessment, and Child Development.

Dr. Biren Caverly also has experience working with families at various stages in the divorce process, including pre-separation, post-separation, and post-divorce. She works with both parents to assist the child in therapy or assessment. In addition, Dr. Biren Caverly performs co-parenting coordination services, where she meets with both parents together to best assist coordination of care for minor children. Dr. Biren Caverly frequently works with attorneys, Guardians ad Litem (GAL), and Attorney for the Minor Child (AMC) to coordinate care.

Dr. Biren Caverly holds a certificate in Mediation and has a specialization in Divorce Mediation Training. She works with several attorneys in the area to coordinate mediated divorce instead of having divorce become an adversarial process. Dr. Biren Caverly is an active member of a number of different organizations including the Connecticut Council for Non-Adversarial Divorce (CCND), the Association of Family Conciliatory Courts (AFCC), the AFCC Connecticut Chapter, the American Psychological Association (APA), the Connecticut Chapter of APA, the Forensic Division of the Connecticut Chapter of APA, the American Society for Trial Consultants.

Dr. Biren Caverly completed a post-doctoral residency at McLean Hospital, Harvard University, where she specialized in the assessment and treatment of children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Biren Caverly maintains an interest in assessing youth whom others suspect have an autism spectrum disorder. She frequently attends Permanency Planning Team (PPT) meetings at local school districts to assist in treatment planning at school. Dr. Biren Caverly also enjoys being able to observe student's behaviors within the school setting and therefore frequently evaluates students at school as well as in the office. Dr. Biren Caverly has found that working with all of a child's providers really assists in getting a richer picture of the student.

Dr. Biren Caverly can be reached by calling (203) 885-0500 or by email at

Jessica Biren Caverly, Ph.D. is also founding member of the Collaborative Divorce Group of Western Connecticut.