Author: WesternCBH


In the event a plan is not achieved, a brief report will be provided stating an agreement has not been achieved in this process.


In the event an agreement is reached and a plan is achieved, this will be written up by the mediator as a Memorandum of Understanding. The parents can chose to follow the plan as is, or have it formalized as a legal document through their lawyers. Parents are advised to obtain independent legal advice.


Meetings with parents will continue as necessary towards the goal of achieving a mutual agreement.


The children may be seen during the course of a mediation. Meetings with the children are usually scheduled for 1 hour but will vary depending on the children’s age, comfort and discussion.


The first meeting is scheduled for 3 hours duration. The purpose of the first meeting is to get acquainted and for the mediator to learn about you, your family history, the children and current issues. During this meeting the parents may provide signed consent permitting exchange of information with other service providers.


Prior to the first meeting, the mediator will meet with each parent separately in person or by phone, to screen for domestic violence and power imbalances.


Later afternoon meeting with parents and lawyers for feedback, guidance and planning