Author: WesternCBH


Conduct telephone screening with the clients to prepare for face-to-face meeting


Receive existing Orders, agreements, pleadings, the referral document and retainer


The parties must execute the Clinical Evaluative Consultation form at our first meeting.


Assuming cooperation from the parties, evaluations are generally completed within 6 to 10 weeks after clearing of the retainer cheque and receipt of all required reports.


Lawyers and parties also agree not bring any actions for damages or any other claims of any kind or character against Jessica Biren Caverly for any acts or omissions in the course of carrying out his duties. Lawyers and parties agree to waive any and all rights to address any issue against Jessica Biren Caverly through any Court or any other process not here specifically contemplated in this or any other jurisdiction.


Jessica Biren Caverly shall be entitled to retain independent legal counsel and to be compensated for the cost thereof on a substantial indemnity basis in circumstances where in his sole and arbitrary determination, his integrity, independence, and quality of service are called into question or in any circumstance where he is required to attend and answer questions in accordance with any subpoena, Order or any other request, whether requiring attendance in person or by any other means such as correspondence, fax, email or telephone.


The lawyers and parties agree that Jessica Biren Caverly will not be called to Court for matters concerning this service or any matter concerning the clients subject to this service and will not be called upon to produce a report and will not have his records subpoenaed for any purpose.


The lawyers or parties must determine how the cost of the service will be paid. Cheque(s) or cash must be provided and no action will be taken on the file until funds are cleared.


A retainer based on 20 hours of service is required prior to commencing service. In the event the actual cost is less than the retainer, then a refund will be issued. If the cost is more than the retainer, then more funds will be required prior to the verbal disclosure meeting.