Parent Coordinator Referral and Service Process


Please note, there can be considerable time and activity establishing the terms of service during the referral stage for the Parenting Coordinator service. These activities may include phone calls, faxes, emails, reading of information and/or meetings and/or other activities between lawyers representing the parents, the parents themselves, and the intended Parenting Coordinator. These activities will be accounted and billed for during the referral stage and will be billed either to the referring party or both parties jointly as will be determined at the time of the initial phone call. This account will be due regardless of whether the referral results in the actual Parenting Coordination Service. A retainer may be required to cover costs during the referral process.


A lawyer for either party must initiate contact for the purpose of referral. If one parent calls, then the other parent may consider the PC biased in favor the caller and this can undermine service. Hence the referral must come from the lawyer.