Collaborative Family Professional

Collaborative Family Practice is an approach to resolving separation agreements respectfully with the goal of facilitating divorce without going to court. The process involves both parents represented by legal counsel who agree to work towards a negotiated settlement in the absence of ever representing their client in a court action. This then focuses attention on settlement over positioning for litigation.

At times, the process can be aided by the use of a Collaborative Family Professional acting in the role of facilitator, divorce coach or child specialist. These roles support the Collaborative process and are typically provided to persons who are formally involved in a Collaborative process with legal representation but can be utilized in other dispute resolution process too.

In addition to these roles, your team may benefit from a consultation on mental health, or parenting, or parenting plan matters. It would be a pleasure to attend your meeting and act as a resource. I would also happily discuss any other creative and flexible use of my input...


Divorce Coach
The role of the divorce coach is to help spouses determine their goals and/or manage behavior in view of emotions such that they can attend and participate meaningfully in the collaborative process with their lawyer and the other party to facilitate productivity. The same divorce coach may work with both parents (individually) or with only one parent.


Child Specialist
The role of the parenting specialist is to help ascertain the views of children and/or facilitate their adjustment and/or facilitate the development of a parenting plan to determine the ongoing care and management of the children following separation or divorce.


To Refer
Collaborative lawyers are welcome to call and discuss these services and make a joint referral.