Jill DeLorme, Ph.D.

Director of Assessment

Dr. Jill DeLorme is a licensed psychologist who completed her training at the California School of Professional Psychology in San Diego. During her training, she worked with adolescents and adults in multiple treatment settings. Her background includes experience with addiction, trauma, sexual misconduct, violence prevention training for schools and the workplace, and the LGBT community. Dr. DeLorme is interested in both assessment and therapy. She offers a multidisciplinary approach geared towards the individual’s, or couple’s, needs and therapeutic goals. Her familiarity and use of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy aides in her ability to work with a range of populations with different psychological needs. In addition to her clinical work, Dr. DeLorme is a community and academic educator and has provided numerous lectures and presentations on her specialities.

Dr. DeLorme can be reached by calling (860) 799-5125 or by email at drdelorme@wcbhct.com.