Western Connecticut Behavioral Health is pleased to announce that we will now be offering tutoring services. We are available to tutor for all basic subjects through the high school level, as well as tutoring for executive functioning. The tutoring we offer is specialized to work with a diverse population and is individualized to the child’s specific needs. We understand every child works differently because we work with many different kinds of children here at WCBH. We strive to find what works best for the individual as well as using traditionally effective teaching strategies in order to create a specialized tutoring experience.

Jeremy Farrell, our primary tutor, has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Southern Connecticut State University and has worked extensively with children at WCBH for three years. At WCBH, he has worked with children as a psychometrician and as a co-facilitator for Social Skills groups for children on the autism spectrum. He enjoys working with children and has a long history of working with children with developmental disabilities, which is where he learned how to adapt his teaching style to each child’s individual needs. He has previously tutored at Western Connecticut Regional Adult & Continuing Education (WERACE), a federally funded program that provides services for underprivileged college students, as well as volunteered at Brookfield’s Huckleberry Hill Elementary School as an assistant teacher.

Subjects being offered:

  • Elementary School- Reading, Writing, Math, Sciences, Social Studies, Executive Functioning
  • Middle School- Reading, Writing, Math, Sciences, Social Studies, Executive Functioning
  • High School- Writing, Math, Sciences, Psychology, Executive Functioning

Tutoring for Executive Functioning Includes Teaching:

  • Study Skills
  • How to Plan
  • How to Organize
  • How to Prioritize Responsibilities